Standing Salute

Begin by standing on your yoga mat with your feet about hips’ width apart. Root down through the inner edges of your feet as you raise both arms towards the sky, pressing the palms together.  Look upwards as you reach upwards. Keep your abdominal muscles contracted as you extend your legs downward towards the earth and your arms upwards towards the heavens.

As you reach upwards and outwards, ask yourself “What do I want to manifest in my life?”  As we greet the New Year, salute it.  Salute what is yet to come; bask in the possibilities.  Invite new, more expansive, opportunities.


About emotionalyoga

Daralyse Lyons is a Certified Yoga Instructor. She received her Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Education Institute (a Registered Yoga Alliance School). She has also been trained in Advanced Level EFT. Her work has been published in From the Inside Out, Yoga Chicago, Complete Yoga, International Association of Yoga Therapists, and Yogi Times Magazines. As a practitioner, she works with individuals, couples, and groups to help people transform themselves and their lives.
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